How to Maintain ASTM A252 Welded Steel Pipe

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  ASTM A252 Welded tubes are widely used in industrial production and engineering construction. As we all know, the service life of an item is directly related to its maintenance, and square pipes are certainly no exception. In order to extend its service life, we must pay attention to the daily care and maintenance of welded tubes. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance methods of welded tubes.

  1. Clean and polish

  If the welded pipe is damaged, the surface should be polished. In particular, scratches, spatter, and damage caused by cutting slag caused by contact with carbon steel parts must be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and polished.

  2. Mechanical polishing

  Use appropriate polishing tools for polishing, require uniform treatment, and avoid over-polishing and re-scratching.

  3. Remove oil

  Before pickling and passivating welded tubes, oil, scale, dust and other impurities must be removed according to the welded pipe process.

  4.Water sandblasting treatment

  According to different processing requirements, different microglass beads and different process parameters should be selected, and overspray should be avoided.

  5. Pickling passivation

  The pickling and passivation of welded tubes must be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements.

  6. Clean and dry

  After pickling and passivation, the ASTM A252 welded tubes should be neutralized, rinsed, and dried in strict accordance with the process to completely remove the residual acid.

  7. Clean protection

  After the surface treatment of the welded pipe is completed, protection should be provided to avoid secondary pollution from personnel touching and oil, dust and other debris.

  8. Anti-corrosion measures

  Anti-corrosion measures of  welded pipe generally have two methods: coating anti-corrosion and electrochemical anti-corrosion.

  (1) Coating anti-corrosion

  Coating anti-corrosion is to apply paint-like materials on the surface of welded tubes, which can isolate various corrosive objects, avoid corrosion of welded tubes, extend its overall performance, and make it more convenient to use.

  (2)Electrochemical anti-corrosion

  Electrochemical anti-corrosion is to protect the cathode. If there is liquid circulating in the steel pipe, anti-rust agent or anti-corrosion agent can be added. If the diameter of the pipe is relatively large and the liquid transported is allowed, sacrificial anodes can be filled.

  9. Proper storage

  The place where ASTM A252welded tubes are stored should be dry and ventilated to avoid moisture or exposure to humid environments. A humid environment can easily cause steel pipes to rust, affecting their service life and quality. Therefore, the presence of water vapor or moisture should be avoided as much as possible in the place where steel pipes are stored.

  Welded tubes should be stored on a flat ground to avoid tilting or unstable placement. Unstable placement of steel pipes will increase the risk of collapse, which will not only cause property damage, but may also cause injury to surrounding people. Therefore, the stability of welded tubes should be maintained when storing them to avoid accidents.

  Through routine maintenance of ASTM A252 Welded Steel Pipe, not only can its service life be greatly extended, but its efficiency and safety in daily use can also be greatly improved.

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